About Us

CO2DeepStore was founded in 2007 by four individuals who chose to leave the oil and gas sector to start work doing something about climate change. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has many technical commonalities with oil and gas so was a natural space to move into (although it is commercially a very different sector). The business was established to develop and invest in CCS projects, in a manner analogous to an oil and gas operator or utility company. CO2DeepStore is based in Aberdeenshire in the UK.

We have been involved as partners in many CCS projects since 2007 and have invested over £7.5million (see our track record). The CO2DeepStore business was acquired by Petrofac in 2010 and operated as a subsidiary until 2013, when the Directors completed a management buy-out and bought the business back.

The market for CCS developments has not matured as fast as we had hoped back in 2007, but we continue to progress CCS development opportunities in the UK and internationally. CCS remains a critical technology to enable the low carbon transition and it plays a major part in the climate change plans of many countries. The global CCS market will be of significant size. Our experience positions us well to a be a significant player in this emerging market.

CO2DeepStore and Pale Blue Dot Energy are affiliate businesses with the same private employee owners. Pale Blue Dot Energy is a management consultancy focused on the low carbon transition and with specialist expertise in CCS.

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