CO2DeepStore Ltd is specifically focused on the commercialisation of carbon capture and storage. We continue to seek and progress developments and investments in CCS projects with a focus on CO2 transport and storage.

Whilst CCS is not currently commercial on a stand-alone basis we continue to explore and progress project opportunities, which recognise that some financial support is available now and more will become available, when the time is right. Developing early stage CCS projects provides investors and other funding bodies with the material they need to assess a project and its costs, benefits and risks.

CO2DeepStore is evaluating projects involving;

  • The capture of CO2 at industrial and thermal power sites
  • The transport of CO2 from the point of capture to the storage reservoir
  • The deep geological storage of CO2
  • Combinations of the above, including full chain CCS projects

CO2DeepStore will also work with the existing owners of suitable assets to enable optimised transition of assets into CCS service, in order to create value for all parties.

Our past investments have included full chain CCS projects and offshore transport and storage infrastructure.

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