Track Record

Project investments and development activity

Since its foundation in 2007, CO2DeepStore has been deeply involved in a wide range of CCS projects, including;

Acorn: Acorn is a low-cost full-chain CCS project re-using existing infrastructure to capture existing CO2 emissions from the St Fergus gas terminal in NE Scotland and transport them offshore for sequestration deep below the North Sea.  In May 2017, the project was awarded European funding. The Acorn project is currently live.  CO2DeepStore affiliate Pale Blue Dot Energy are leading this project.

CO2 Sapling: CO2 Sapling is an infrastructure build out of the Acorn project. It includes the potential for shipping CO2 into Peterhead Harbour for onward transport and storage deep below the North Sea; the transport of CO2 from Central Scotland through an existing re-purposed natural gas pipeline and; the potential offshore pipeline connection from St Fergus to storage facilities offshore Norway. The project sought support from the EU as a Project of Common Interest (PCI), and was listed as a PCI in November 2017. CO2DeepStore affiliate Pale Blue Dot Energy are leading the study phase of this project.

Caledonia Clean Energy Project (CCEP): The Caledonia Clean Energy Project is a new build power plant based at Grangemouth, with CO2 transport via St Fergus for storage deep below the North Sea. The project was an entrant in the UK CCS Commercialisation Competition in 2012/2013. CO2DeepStore were 50% equity partners with Summit Power during this period, but no longer have an equity interest.

Scottish Power Longannet to Shell Goldeneye: In 2010/2011 CO2DeepStore were 50% equity partners with Shell in the offshore transport and storage system at Goldeneye, for the Scottish Power Longannet CCS project. The project was selected for front end engineering design funding by DECC in the first CCS Demonstration Competition. The project came to an end in 2011.

SSE Peterhead to Shell Goldeneye: In 2011 CO2DeepStore prepared the submission for the Peterhead to Goldeneye project funding application to the NER300

Ayshire Power Hunterston: CO2DeepStore were transport and storage partners for the Ayrshire Power Hunterston CCS project in 2010/2011. The project was a new build coal power plant with CCS. The project was put on hold in 2012.

EON Kingsnorth to Hewett: CO2DeepStore led the offshore transport and storage project for EON in connection with the Kingsnorth front end engineering design during the first CCS Demonstration Competition in 2009/2010. The project was cancelled in 2010.

Marathon Brae: CO2DeepStore led the assessment of CO2 transport and storage and associated EOR potential for Marathon at Brae in 2007/2008. At this stage Marathon Brae was the selected storage location for CO2 from the Scottish Power Longannet project. The project is no longer active.

Hatfield/Don Valley: CO2DeepStore provided the initial assessment of offshore storage sites for Powerfuel in connection with the Hatfield CCS project in 2009. The work also involved preparing the offshore transport and storage sections of the application for EERP funding from the EU.

International: CO2DeepStore has explored several international CCS projects and provided offshore transport and storage experience from the UK to other projects elsewhere.

Pale Blue Dot Energy: Our affiliate business Pale Blue Dot Energy has delivered a wide range of consultancy studies on CCS, which compliment the track record above.

If you require any further information on our track record or would like more information about a particular project please contact us.

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